Spark Protein(Our protein snacks) took the first place in crowdfunding in 2018 in Taiwan.Our pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu will not just satisfy your desire of snacks and you can also enjoy the snacks without worrying about the high calories.

Has it ever occured to you that you desperately want some snacks to de-stress yourself but you concerned about the calories and those unhealthy ingredients? We, Spark Protein, have the answer for you. Spark Protein is a start-up company which makes delicious and savory protein snacks. Our pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu develop the best taste of protein chocolate. We started our crowdfunding on Zec Zec platform last June. Until now, We have three crowdfunding events. The total amount is over 4.2 million NTD and the total backer are over 3500 people. We own the highest crowdfunding record in food product category since the platform was created. We have Spark Bite and Spark Shake which had already hit the
store shelves on our official website, Shopee and premium studios.


[Made by our pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu, Protein Snacks 100%MIT ]
Most of the protein products are from oversea. The taste is usually designed for western people. These products usually contain excessive artificial ingredients and large amount of sugar or sweetener, which taste unnatural.
Spark Protein use natural ingredients without any artificial sweetener colouring and preservatives. Moreover, our product flavours are specially designed for Asian people, such as the coconut, matcha, black tea, and so on. Our products are made in Taiwan including development, design and manufacture. We develop flavours that can actually match Taiwanese and Asian style(e.g. Matcha). Also, we use locally sourced products such as premium Taiwanese tea to develop protein snacks that matches Taiwanese taste buds and even beyond expectations.


[70% of Belgian Chocolate without using sweetener ]
Our best seller, Spark Bite, contains 6 grams of protein and reduce 66% of sugar, compared to other chocolate snacks on the market. Also, we use 70% Belgian chocolate which is trans-fat- free. You can simply enjoy eating naturally fabulous chocolate. We provide low sugar, low calories but high protein snacks for those who value their health and body shape. Mainly, our customers are from 30 to 45 years old. These people may not be bodybuilding enthusiasts but they have habits of working out. Moreover, these mid-age people do value their life quality. The repurchase rate has always been high since we had our crowdfunding online last June.
For most of active people, we tend to have high carbs or high sugar products like chips and candies when stomach is growling in the afternoon, which affects our health and body shape in the long run. That’s why Spark Protein is highly attractive to active people who desperately want snacks but need perfect body at the same time. Most of the protein bars are big size. Women who have small food intake won’t be able to
finish one protein bar at a time. “Pocket snacks” is also well-known when Spark Bite was launched last year in Taiwan. Not only can “Spark Bite” be easily put in a pocket but it can also provide essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals and most importantly,
“protein”. Spark Bite has 6 grams of protein in each piece(20g). Our customers can simply acquired basic nutrients which is equal to a small carton of milk or even an egg.


[Approved by Michelin Star Chef and International Sommelier ]
Since Spark Protein was founded in 2019, not only did we break the highest crowdfunding food category record on Zeczec crowdfunding platform, but we are the first protein brand awarded the ITQI(International Taste & Quality Institute) Michelin medal in Taiwan. Hundreds of chefs and professionals will taste the food based on the appearance, smell,  taste, and the quality. Spark Protein was awarded the 1 star of ITQI (Superior Taste Award certificate)with Spark Bite, Milk flavour. We believe that healthy diet can only be maintained through nutritious and delicious food.

Why do you need protein?
A: Protein is an important component of every cell in our body. Our body use protein to build and repair wounded tissues. Protein is also used to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Not to mention that protein is a significant building materials of our bones, muscles, skin and blood.

What is Spark Protein?
We are a team, grouped by a food industry professional, E-Commerce professional and our pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu. We hope every customer enjoy our delicious products and gain daily nutrients at the same time.

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